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Easy Home Acquisition

Project Presentation

The Unit Manager/Sales Representative presents to Buyer, the project features, inventory, financing options and other relevant information.

Site Visit

The development is visited with the Unit Manager/Sales Representative for a better appreciation of the property, amenities, as well as its location, road networks, routes, landmarks and nearby commercial areas.

Reservation Application & Marketing & Administrative Briefing

Client chooses the desired Community and fills in the necessary forms. The purchase is formalized at the Fiesta Communities Office. After submission of the Buyer’s Information Sheet (BIS) and Policy Acceptance, a final briefing will be conducted by Fiesta Communities Marketing Department before the actual purchase is formalized.

Submission of Requirements

After the briefing and acceptance of dully filled in forms, client is given 30 days to submit necessary requirements for the purchase. The property is held under the Buyer’s name.

Clearance before Move-in/Turn over Property

The property is delivered on a date specified in the Policy Acceptance (In-House Financing Scheme). Once constructed, the Homeowner and Developer conduct a joint inspection of the property to confirm that all commitments are delivered.

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