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Feng Shui Tips for Moving Into a New Home

Feng Shui Tips for Moving Into a New Home

Feng Shui Tips for Moving Into a New Home

Posted on
January 26, 2016

Moving home indicates the start of a new life. And who doesn't want a lucky fresh start? Here are Feng Shui rituals you can do for your new house.

Moving into a new house is exciting especially if you’re newlyweds and you want to start your family in a happy and beautiful home.  This is also the perfect time to evaluate your life goals and determine how you can bring your new space alignment with those goals before you begin filling the house with old habits. Since everything around us is all about energy, and the principles of Feng Shui teach us to manage and balance that energy in the right way, so that positive vibes around us can be captured and make our lives better. Feng Shui can also help us be free from the negative energy.

You might want to check some Feng Shui tips that will help you in moving into your beautiful home. Its purpose is to get your environment in alignment with who you are and where you want to go—to harmonize your energy with your home's energy. So get a pen and paper and copy the list below.

11 Feng Shui tips for moving into a new home

1. The right house to start a family, check the landscaping around the new house. It also affects the Chi. According to Feng Shui, a tree planted in the same line as the front door is considered inauspicious as it prevents Chi from entering through the front door. You need to keep the front door clutter-free.

2. When you move into your new home, it may have lingering energy of past inhabitants.  This energy may be stagnant or negative, so it’s beneficial to start your life there with a clean slate.  The best way to do this is with a space clearing.  This can be done before you move in, with your boxes unpacked, or even after you have already unpacked but it is best to do this as early as possible.  This process is a way of blessing the space, so be sure to do so with the intention that you are creating a new home to support and nourish you. 

3. If at all there are 2 entrances for the house, front and back doors, check if they are in the same line. If so, then according to Feng Shui, money will not last in the house.

wind chime4. Place a wind chime outside your front door. It draws attention to the space, inviting more opportunities into your life.

5. The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the home, according to Feng Shui, because it's where we seek restoration, balance, and peace.
It's also the place of dreams. In Feng Shui, the items you place between your mattresses have an energetic association with your intentions.

6. Keep only pictures of you and your spouse or partner in the bedroom,
and put other pictures in the dining or family rooms.

7. Feng Shui considers flowing water and floating fish as very important and auspicious symbols, which help reduce negativity and invite positive vibes.

flowing water with fish
8. You need to keep your bathroom door close, like all the time when it’s not use. The idea is that the water goes out of the home here. Since water is related to wealth, we don’t want our money being flushed away.

9. Make sure that you have clean windows. The windows symbolize your eyes to the world. We want to be able to see and experience everything that the universe has to offer us.

10. Round tables for dining area are best since the circle symbolized heavenly blessings.

11. You should also create a pleasant view. Having a garden is one of the best examples. This will help you in balancing and having a natural look. It also brings good luck.

These are some information you need to keep in mind when you look for a new home to start your future with the one you love. This is to ensure that you have a smooth and happy life.

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